7 Things To Do To Get Younger Generations Interested In Sports

New generation has started to drift from healthy activities because of the technology. The technology has its advantages. But it also has its disadvantages one of which is it makes people lazy and more so the children. Kids these days prefer watching and playing games on smartphone than going outside. This makes them weak in terms of physicality as well as their eyesight becomes weak too.

To eliminate this bad factor of technology it is necessary to revive the importance and interest of sports back in children. There are numerous to do this.

By now you would be asking where are those ways? So, lets us dive into them.

You can use such activities to bring back interest of sports in children.

Remember when you try to make kids understand about the importance of sports don’t force them.

Forcing them will only result in more stubbornness. There are following ways and activities by which you can bring back the interest of sports in younger generation:

1. Educate them about sports

Tell them the rules of sports like football, cricket, and other sports. Explain to them how can they play the sports and the techniques used to get better results. Also ask them trivia questions like football trivia questions so that it sharpens their memory and make football interesting for them. The questions can be like:

  • Who was the referee in 2018 World Cup?
  • For which country Cristiano Ronaldo plays?
  • Which team won Laliga in 2016?
  • Cules are fan of which club?
  • Santiago Bernabue is home to which club?

2. Tell the importance of health

First explain the importance of health to children. Tell them how important is to play sports in order to have a good body. Explain to them that when you have a healthy body you can achieve your goals pretty easily. Tell them that a theme park is so much more fun than a video game which only deteriorates eye sight and muscles.

Also, tell them that healthy body fight diseases more powerfully than a dull one. Educate them about the importance of eye sight.

3. Watch sports with them

You should watch sports with them, so that they also develop the interest by watching you get thrilled!

4. Play sports with them

After explaining the rules and watching the sports with them, play with them too. Because that would give them the ultimate enjoyment of sports and also the benefits of it. Playing with them will also create interest in them about the sports.

Mostly try outdoor sports but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play indoor sports. But the real health benefits can only come from outdoor sports.

5. Do it for fun

Make sports fun to children and not force them to do it as a task. Because if they find it to be like a homework, they will get away from it and not take interest. Always make sports fun for the children so that they enjoy it.

6. Don’t make it too long

Remember that kids get bored of long monotonous activities. So don’t make the sports duration too long. Its because kids have short attention spans. Explain them everything in a straight forward way and don’t explain the unnecessary things to them.

7. Diversify sports

Don’t just focus on one sport, it might not be the sport your child be interested in. Tell them about all the sports there are like football, cricket, baseball, volleyball, and basketball and many others.

Don’t limit them to outdoor sports introduce indoor sports like Chess, Table tennis and many other to them too. Indoor sports will also improve their intelligence and reflexes.

Final thoughts

Younger generation are the future of our world. So, we need to care about their health and wellbeing.

Also, this new sensation social media is making them toxic at a very young age which is also not a good thing.  So, in order to make healthy both physically and mentally it is necessary to introduce sports to them which will make them competitive and physically strong.

Sports will also keep children away from taking drugs and such hazardous things. We hope that you get your kids interested in sports.

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