Abstract Art – What is Your Opinion About This Painting?

What do you think about this painting? What is its subject matter? What emotion does it evoke in you? If you have no idea what the artist’s intent was, don’t worry. This kind of abstract art is often incredibly beautiful and can convey an array of emotions. You can envision the path of a flowing river cutting through lush vegetation. Alternatively, you can imagine the cosmic flow and pure energy that is behind the painting. Whatever it is that the artist is trying to convey, he/she has created something that is uniquely theirs.

While there are many types of abstract art, it is characterized by its desire to engage the viewer in the process of defining “reality”. All forms of abstract art share the same position: reality is subjective, not concrete, and is determined by the viewer’s perceptions. This is the main reason why the title of the painting is so important. It guides the imagination and the artist’s vision. The more you understand the abstract artist’s intention, the more you will appreciate their work.

Good abstract art requires an open mind. You may love an abstract work even though you don’t understand its meaning. The artist’s skills are often evident in the way the painting is rendered, which highlights its skills. Using multiple layers, thick impastos, and skilled brushwork can help create a striking abstract work. Pay attention to the details, like splatters, markings, and other aspects, as these can add to the work’s appeal.

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