Best Umbrellas for College Students

With college starting up again, students around the country are gathering up their to-do lists and getting all the items they need to make it through the semester at hand.

From books to dorm room supplies, the shopping list can get extensive. But there is one item that every college student needs at the top of their list—umbrellas.

Not only are umbrellas absolutely essential when it comes to keeping you dry and also protected from the harsh weather environments as you walk to class, but they equally act as a must-have accessory too.

When it comes to finding the right type of umbrella for college students, there is a range of factors that you will want to keep in mind—from the ease of how it opens to the cost.

To help make back-to-school shopping a bit easier, we have rounded up the best umbrellas for college students, including the top qualities to look out for.

1. Waterproof and Wind Resistant Umbrellas

The first factor that should be considered when it comes to umbrellas for college students is ensuring that it is actually waterproof and wind resistant—as that is literally their main goal of them. The best umbrellas will be designed to literally make you feel like you are Marry Poppins—from the ease of opening it to the incredible protection powers they possess.

Features that make these umbrellas waterproof and wind resistant include having a fiberglass frame, being built to be durable, having already been tested in extreme conditions and providing a warranty.

When your umbrella is sturdy in the rain and wind, you will feel at ease even during the craziest storms. It also means you never have to worry about showing up to a class soaking wet masstamilan.

2. The Travel Umbrella

Not only do you want to get an umbrella that has an automatic opening and closing feature, but equally is compact to allow you to travel but equally pops open to be the full size. This means that you can always have your travel umbrella in your school backpack and pop it out whenever needed.

Making it equally great is the fact that the scale of the umbrella allows you to provide shelter for one of your college buddies too.

Features that make this umbrella great include its compactness of it, ease of carrying and portability, lightweight design, and the overall quality it provides.

3. The Automatic Umbrella

Not only do you want an umbrella that is strong and durable,  but you also want one that opens with ease and equally opens up fast. The automatic umbrella literally pops open with one simple click of a button. From there you will get instant protection from the rain and wind.

Even better is the fact that the material is high quality and the overall design is so lightweight and compact that it can fit into a purse Expotab.

Features that make the automatic umbrella a must-have for college students include the easy-to-use design, the fiberglass frame, and non-slip handle, the canopy shape, and its portability of it.

To put the cherry on top of this option, the designs are just as amazing as the features. So you can make your umbrella at college become a true fashion statement that becomes associated with your identity—in a really fun way.

4. The One with Teflon Coating

When an umbrella has a Teflon coating, it means that it will become instantly dry after water touches it. This is exciting for many reasons and makes this umbrella extremely appealing to college students. This means that after you use it, a simple shake will get it dry and allow you to easily fold back up and place it back in your bag.

Plus, the features of this are great, with a super accessible design and quality fabric that is hard to surpass. Other college students love this umbrella for its design elements and the great value for money.

5. The Stick Umbrella

Made to provide the utmost quality, the stick umbrella should be something every college student considers. Not only does it offer a large canopy that can provide extensive coverage from the rain or sun, but also ensures that anyone underneath will remain dry.

Plus, this umbrella has a nifty sleeve to store it in when it is not being used as well. While the umbrella is big when it is in use, it is super lightweight and easy to hold. Plus, the durability of it is so strong that it will likely end up lasting for years and years to come. Means that you can bring this umbrella with you after you graduate from college and go on to the next phase of your life.


There are so many great umbrellas to consider bringing to college with you. These five are just the beginning of how you can stay dry in style while at school.


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