Can I Choose My Own Workers’ Comp Doctor?

Workplace injuries have been a common issue among many employees. When employees get injured, the injuries and accidents must be reported to the employer or superiors as soon as possible. Otherwise, workers’ compensation claims can get affected. 

Before the compensation is finalized and settled, the injured worker must meet a doctor chosen by the employer or the insurance company. Often, workers need clarification on whether they can appoint and choose their doctor for the medical examination. 

It will help if you read the article below to know how it can turn out. Workers should be quick to get legal help if they face any problems regarding compensation. 

Can injured workers choose their own workers’ compensation doctor? 

Yes. Workers’ compensation allows workers to choose a doctor as long as the doctor is with the Bureau Of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). However, the employer or insurance company may try their best to choose the doctor for the injured worker. As a worker, you must know that you are not required to settle with the employer’s or insurer’s choice of physician. 

Even if you visit the doctor chosen by your employer or insurer, you will be entitled to change the medical providers at any time in the process. Injured workers were sometimes forced to go with the employer’s doctor. If you encounter a similar instance, you must get legal help and ask a lawyer to deal with the case. 

In a nutshell, workers can choose their doctor for the Independent Medical Examination (IME) as long as the doctor is a certified medical provider under workers’ compensation. 

Benefits of choosing your doctor for workers’ comp:

Now that you are aware of the ability to choose a doctor, it will also be beneficial if you know the advantages of the same. Such benefits can help you acquire the compensation earlier than expected. 

  • When workers choose their doctor, they will be more comfortable with their interpersonal needs. Having a doctor of your own choice can help you in recovering quickly. 
  • The burden of making appointments can be reduced by choosing a doctor nearby. On the other hand, if the employer chooses a doctor, injured workers will be more likely to travel long distances for medical care. 
  • An injured worker can receive continuous medical care irrespective of the medical injury. Some workers might show additional or delayed complications resulting from the injury. In such cases, choosing a doctor of your choice will help in getting consistent medical care at the earliest. 

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