How Can I Sell My Diamond Jewellery?

Your diamond ring may be a constant reminder of a past relationship or just clutter in your house – whatever its reason may be, remembering its true value is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it is crucial for keeping things under control.

Beatty advises sell diamond ring to an established diamond buyer rather than to a jeweler or pawn shop to achieve optimal pricing for your diamonds.

1. Go to a reputable jeweler

Trustworthy options for selling Diamond buyers Perth include local jewellery stores. By doing this, you can get a fair price for your jewelry without running the risk of scammers or unreliable buyers on websites like Craigslist.

Jewelry stores don’t necessarily look to purchase your diamonds at their maximum value; their main priority is making a profit, which often necessitates purchasing at a discount to meet this goal. They must establish relationships with suppliers as well as build their clientele base first before seeking maximum profit returns from purchasing at full retail value.

Selling to a dealer might not be your best bet for getting top dollar when selling jewelry that holds painful memories such as from divorce proceedings or broken engagements. Instead, find a reputable jeweler with access to diamond specialists who will teach you how to sell it efficiently for maximum profits – they will help determine an accurate price and sell across multiple platforms to increase returns on your jewelry investment.

2. Sell it to a pawn shop

Pawn shops cater to customers looking for second-hand jewellery at a fraction of its original cost, and typically pay less for diamonds than jewellers, basing their pricing off current market values instead of wholesale costs.

Pawnbrokers are expert negotiators, often discovering invisible defects to offer cheaper prices for products. Without experience as a buyer, it can be easy for inexperienced purchasers to be scammed out of what their diamond jewellery is truly worth.

If you decide to sell your jewellery at a pawnshop, make sure that you visit multiple locations and compare their prices before settling on one. Since most pawnshops are competitive among themselves, shopping around will help ensure that you obtain the best offer available. Also it may be a good idea to bring along someone – particularly women – as lowlifes may attempt robberies of respectable-looking individuals in particular.

3. Sell it on eBay

While eBay can be great for many items, it may not be ideal for selling diamond jewellery. Too many sellers and too few potential buyers exist; plus there will likely be listing fees and PayPal fees to pay.

For jewelry of high-value, it is wise to utilize an international shipping carrier who specializes in such deliveries. Furthermore, taking digital photos that capture potential buyer attention are crucial and it is advisable to include clear descriptions – for instance whether the item is a halo ring or solitaire ring?

Provides a safe and convenient way for you to sell your diamond jewellery. In just 48 hours you can receive a quote and money will arrive directly into your bank account after filling out our online form. Compared to selling to pawn shops or jewelers, pays national market prices which is much higher than local second hand markets can provide.

4. Sell it on Craigslist

Many find selling jewelry on Craigslist an efficient and straightforward way of earning extra cash quickly and efficiently, though there are a few key considerations when selling diamonds via this platform.

One of the greatest risks when selling expensive items is being scammed, so it’s vital that when meeting with non-professional jewelers to sell expensive pieces you always meet in public so as to prevent being robbed or even killed by them.

One risk you face in buying diamonds online is being sold a fake item. To prevent this from happening, always request to see their grading report and research online; any false reports will lack details such as diamond descriptions and information that would reveal whether it’s real.


As a non-jeweler it may be challenging to determine an equitable price for your piece because most buyers will compare similar items selling on other sites and this could lead to you underselling it.


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