How do Sexual Harassment Cases Affect Everyone Involved in the Incident?

Sexual harassment should always be reported without fail. Many a time, the victim does not speak against the evil because she fears society and life after everyone knows about it. This is one of the reasons why such cases remain unreported and the abuser becomes more active. Everyone must learn more about how these cases should be handled. If sexual harassment happens in the workplace, it can affect everyone involved in the incident in the most adverse manner. 

Consequences faced by the victim 

If an employee gets harassed sexually at the workplace, it can affect the victim physically, mentally and emotionally. In many cases, the victim remains silent for many days and does not take any action. It can make things more complicated for her. It has also been observed that if she reports the incident, she feels that everyone is looking at her weirdly. Victim blaming is real when it comes to sexual harassment. In this scenario, the victim may face poor mental health and suffer from depression, panic attacks and anxiety.

In the office, the victim may get demoted, fired and face loss of promotions and benefits. It is important to learn that these actions are illegal and the victim can file a lawsuit along with a sexual harassment case.

Consequences faced by the abuser

If the victim reports such an incident in the office, the abuser will have to face severe consequences. Some of these scenarios may include firing from the company or demotion depending on the severity of the case. If the matter is serious such as in the case of rape, criminal charges may be imposed on him. To prevent these cases at the workplace, the employer should lay down relevant policies in the company.

Consequences the employer may have to face

If the employer does not take any steps against the abuser, he will have to face serious consequences. His reputation will be at stake because the victim may have to report the incident to a lawyer outside the company. Moreover, he also faces the aggression of employees, which can affect his business and growth.  If the employer handles the case and finds out that it is a valid case, he will have to support the employee and pay damages.

To prevent these cases from rising, the employer must hire a good sexual harassment attorney. Employees must consult with him if they face such incidents indian news

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