How Long Will My Office Fitout Take?

Your office’s layout is critical to the success of your company. It’s important to make your workplace conducive to innovative ways of working, to strengthen your company culture, and to entice and retain the best employees.

Do you need a new office fitout badly but are concerned about how long it’ll take to get it?

Unfortunately, there is no universal answer. The cost, time, and complexity of an office renovation can vary greatly depending on the building’s layout and layout, the tenant’s needs, the available funds, and other considerations. Modifications of a smaller scope might be completed in as little as a week or two, while more extensive ones could take 18 weeks.

This office fit-out timetable will walk you through the major phases and approximate time allotments if you are unfamiliar with what is required in an office fit-out.

Factors to Think About When Redesigning an Office

We recommend giving yourself as much time as needed to prepare your office fit-out. This will afford thorough preparation and prevent you from rushing to meet arbitrary deadlines. Things to check and think about before beginning a project usually add delay. To name a few crucial factors:

  • Building services condition
  • Property Restrictions
  • Space size
  • Design complexity
  • Product and material lead times

Timelines for individual projects can’t be provided without first learning more about them, but the office fit-out timeline can provide a general idea of what to expect.

Estimated Office Fit-Out Time Frames

Task/Stage What Happens Estimated Weeks
Exploration Of Possible Location Sites How long you have to look and how many spaces are currently available will determine this.


The use of a tenant advocate has been helpful in several cases. They will look for possible suitable places and provide legal counsel. One option is to have your office fitout contractors look at the properties you’ve narrowed it down to and give you their opinion on whether or not they’d be a good fit for your company.

2 to 6
Evaluation of the Site and Your Needs All aspects of the structure will be meticulously measured and evaluated during the preliminary site inspection. As part of your proposal, list the features you want to be included in your business’s new interior design and fitout. You should prioritize your list in case resources prevent you from implementing everything. 1
Descriptive Documentation Of The Design The suggested layout, requirements, expenses, and schedule are all part of this. The scope of this material will be based on a variety of criteria. The amount of data needed depends on several factors, including the size and scope of the area, the availability of relevant data, and the fit-out itself. 1 to 3
In-Depth Design Documentation Creating the design and accompanying documentation (such as floor plans and 3D models) falls under this category. The supporting paperwork should include details on the joinery, wiring, mechanical, and fire protection systems. You’ll need this data to have a firm grasp of the project at hand. The landlord’s approval and the construction permit both need their usage. 2 to 4
Approval Periods Acquiring a certificate of design conformity is one of the required statutory consents for a construction permit. If possible, this should be done before a construction permit application is submitted to the local municipality. 2 to 3
Planning Approvals Numerous variables influence planning and development requests. Whether or not you need planning clearance depends on the scale of the construction, the kind of change of use categorization, and the scope of the necessary works. If you need this permission, your business interior designer and fitter will let you know. 6 to 12
Construction and Installation The number of offices, other features, and square footage will determine the cost. Standard finishes and an open floor plan may be installed in a 200-square-meter area in about four weeks. In just 8-10 weeks, you may have an office space measuring 2000 square meters with top-notch fittings and fixtures. Ten weeks is enough time to remodel a cafe and install shiny new stainless steel table tops and special accent finishes. 4 t o12
Relocation The migration process may be broken down into phases, with each floor or team moving at a different time, based on the size of your firm.

Settling into a new office space necessitates installing the technology, communications equipment, and core company activities.

Occupation Your new workplace awaits you. After the office renovation, an aftercare staff will assist you in adjusting to your new space and making the most of its opportunities. 1

Final Thoughts

The better your preparation, the more specific it should be. Things rarely go as planned, but the number of “Oh no!” moments may be reduced by anticipating and planning for potential obstacles. It was one of those “Oh, yeah, we forgot about that” moments.

Consider things like getting internal stakeholder buy-in, too; individuals may want to pitch in, but if you don’t define those people at the outset of the project, you might end yourself bogged down in red tape.


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