How many shapes of silicone are there?

Most silicone shapes are divided into 2 shapes.

  1. Round (Round Breast Implant) is more natural than the teardrop shape. And flexible because the inner Cohesive Gel is more liquid than the drop shape. Suitable for patients who want to have round breasts. and fill the upper part of the breast

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  1. Teardrop Breast Implant is suitable for those who have a relatively low cost. This group of patients, if wearing a round shape, will look unattractive. because the silicone will be seen as a block Wearing a teardrop shape will look more natural. It is most often used for certain types of breasts that require additional emphasis, such as the lower part of the breast.

There are two types of silicone skins.

– Sand-type silicone exterior skin

– Smooth silicone exterior

The surgery can be performed in 3 positions:

  1. Under the breast rail is a popular area because the incision is hidden under the side of the breast rail, approximately 3-4 cm long. The surgery can be done faster. Easy to shape It hurts less than surgery in other areas.
  2. Armpit area. The advantage is that there is no scar on the breast area. make me feel more confident But there are some disadvantages. After the procedure, the wound will hurt more than the area under the breast. and in case if need to modify Doctors often recommend doing the area under the breastbone. Because the correction of the armpit, although it can be done, will not work well.
  3. In the area of ​​the mammary glands, breast augmentation surgery is not currently popular through this method. It’s an era before doing it at this point. The advantage is that the surgical incision directly reaches the breast. So it hurts a little but the disadvantage is There are scars around the birthmark. and may be permanently numb around the nipple

4 Breast augmentation through the navel can be done, but is not very popular because it has to be endoscopic and can only be used with saline silicone bags.

– Motiva Silk Surface Plus

This model of silicone is the standard version of Motiva. The highlight is the silicone cover or shell with a Nano Texture texture. It is a soft touch surface. It is a mixture of sand and smooth surfaces. Guarantees 10 years of membrane, durable, prevents cracking. and was packaged with a new special gel ProgressiveGel Plus

– Motiva Ergonomix

Motiva’s premium silicone, this one focuses on naturalness. with special shape and design That allows the silicone to change its shape according to the movement of the body, whether lying, standing, leaning or moving. Silicone will change its shape naturally. The cover material is still Nano Texture, guaranteeing membrane. and breakage and this silicone in chip technology It is the world’s first silicone online storage. Register via Application. You can scan to see details of silicone.

– Mentor MemoryGel Xtra

MemoryGel Xtra adds a full hundred gel texture. new gel texture Smooth silicone material but thinner than before for a softer touch or a sphere that adds more roundness Plump breasts, Nern Chid Mentor reinforces that the U.S.A. standard is the brand that people use the most.

– Mentor

Mentor silicones are still standard silicones. It is certified by the US FDA and the Thai FDA and is the standard silicone for people who want to augment their breasts. Mentor silicone is available in a variety of sizes and sizes.

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