How to Title an Abstract Painting

Abstract paintings are often titled in a vague manner. The artist would not want viewers to make the connection with the painting and to guess what it represents. A title, on the other hand, guides the viewer’s imagination. It is important to remember that abstract painting titles can vary from artist to artist. Here are some tips to title your abstract painting. Hopefully they will help you. Also, consider titling your painting evocatively.

Try naming your painting after a quote or a song that is associated with the theme of your work. You don’t necessarily have to make it match the song, but you can try using that as inspiration. For instance, if you have a painting with a blue sky and green grass, you might choose to title it “Breeze.” A similar title would relate to a feeling one might experience when lying in tall grass on a warm spring day. By using a title that relates to the painting’s content, you give yourself twice as many opportunities to connect with your work.

Another helpful tip when titling your abstract painting is to avoid interpreting it as a literal translation of reality. The artist might have intended to evoke an emotion or idea, but you don’t want to try to make the connection between the painting and its context. Let it speak for itself. Do not worry about being able to “feel” the painting; it doesn’t have to be evocative of your feelings.

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