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The genre of thriller is a staple of literature, and the earliest recorded works of literature deal with questions of life and death. Sumeria’s Epic of Gilgamesh, for example, is an epic tale about a king’s challenge to his throne and the supernatural messengers who come to earth to reveal secrets and prevent destruction. Homer’s Odyssey, a classic work from Ancient Greece, is another classic thriller, following the ten-year journey of Odysseus, a hero who battles with both mortals and immortals.

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A Thriller’s plot revolves around a crime that changes the values of the protagonist. In the case of Gone Girl, the protagonist is missing and presumed dead, but in reality, she is not. She frames her husband, Nick, for murder and makes him the victim. Both Nick and Amy’s ex-boyfriends are victims in the story. Thrillers often feature an antagonist who cannot be reasoned with or intimidated. They can be either a master criminal or a serial killer. Despite the complexity of the plot, these stories can have many levels of morality.

A thriller’s main purpose is to arouse a certain emotion. This emotion is the basis of all thrillers. Thrillers are also useful for experimenting with different genre subgenres. If you’re writing a thriller, try to make things go wrong for your protagonist while still providing them with a goal to achieve. This will make the story more interesting to readers. If you’re struggling with how to start a novel, read Thriller masstamilanfree .

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