Seven Valuable Advantages of Staying In A Motel

When travelling, there are several different ways to book a hotel. Most people decide where they stay based on how comfortable it is and how much it costs. People want to choose the best and least expensive option. A motel in Auckland might be the best place to stay if you want to save money.

Here are some benefits of booking a room or motel in Auckland:

  • Save Money:

There can be a significant markup when you book a hotel room, especially if you do it through more than one travel company. You can save money and time by booking directly through the website or front desk of a motel that is owned by a local business. There’s no reason to spend much money when travelling since it can get very pricey. You can almost always call the motel and ask them to match or beat the price you saw. After getting the price you want, it’s much easier to deal with the hotel directly instead of a third-party travel site that slows down service, adds wait times, and makes problems worse. The motel itself will always come up with better and more efficient solutions.

  • Superior Service:

Most chain motels have a lot of people coming and going, and the employees aren’t always friendly. One benefit of staying at a smaller, independently owned motel is that the staff is more likely to be comprised of regulars who know the ins and outs of the place. Most of the people who work at the motel have been there for a long time, so the way they train new housekeepers is second nature and always the same.

  • Parking:

Parking can be expensive at bigger hotels, which can put a strain on your vacation budget. Some hotels charge hundreds of dollars just to park your car for a short time. Most hotels have parking that is free or cheap. This is very useful for trips by car. Also, the parking is much closer, which makes it easier to get to your car whenever you need to.

  • Local Expertise:

A motel can give different kinds of service to each of its guests. The front desk and concierge know about the history of the area and can suggest the best restaurants and places to visit.

  • Uniqueness:

If you’ve been to one “big name” hotel, chances are you’ve been to them all. A local hotel gives guests a chance to stay in a one-of-a-kind place. Each motel has its way of running things. Each motel has a different past and is built differently. Most of the time, these natural things are suitable for the people who live there. Nothing can substitute a unique experience.

  • Affordability:

Every room in a motel has a TV, Wi-Fi, a microwave, and a refrigerator. Compared to the average price of a hotel, few places let you save enough money to stay for much longer.

  • Personalise Touch

Families own and run a lot of motels. They try to get to know each guest and give their services a personal touch. Some motels have even been around for a long time, which is reflected in the way they are decorated. In contrast to fancy chain hotels, motels have a comfortable, unique feel.


Nothing beats a good night’s sleep in a safe, clean motel room after a hard day of work or an evening on your feet. Even though this option for lodging is very cheap, you won’t have to give up quality. If you need a place to stay but can’t afford a fancy buxic hotel, a motel is a comfortable and affordable alternative. A motel is happy to offer you and your family a place to stay that is clean, quiet, and comfortable.

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