Steps To Dispute An Old Debt

You must be perplexed when you suddenly start getting collection calls for an old debt. While it might be overwhelming to deal with the debt collection officer suddenly, there is a specific time limit in which the debt collectors have the right to ask you to pay your debts. You might notice that you are talking to a different person or an agency; this is because, after a time, debts are transferred or bought by other collectors or collection agencies. check them out at

Most of the time, there is no legal action the agency or collector can take against you. However, just to be sure, you must book an appointment with a debt collection attorney to ensure you are not in trouble; if you are looking for an experienced and talented attorney, visit our website

Steps to dispute a debt collector or collection agency 

  • Find out the agency or collector owning your debt. 

To start, you must know who is your collector or collection agency. Determining to whom you will send the dispute letter for your debt collection is essential. Often, old debts are bought by different creditors or collectors, so keeping track of your current agency or officer is challenging. 

However, determining the company or person contacting you for debt collection is vital to understand whether you are being scammed or not. You must check if the collection call or letter is legit as thousands of fraudsters try to extract money from debt owners. 

You can contact your regional creditor and ask them to provide the digital of your current creditor’s deal with the debt collection. 

  • Collect proof 

After knowing your current creditor or collector, you must gather concrete evidence to strengthen your dispute case. This step is crucial as you will need proof that your dispute is not baseless. 

Some essential documents you will need are your old debt papers stating you cleared it, police reports showing that the debt collector is a fraud, the debt you are asked for is not yours, or the insurance company covering your debt.

Any one of the mentioned proofs or documents can be a great help to your case, and you must collect enough evidence to avoid spying on any unnecessary dues. 

  • Debt verification letter 

Once you get a call from the debt collector, form a well-built debt verification letter for the debt collection agency currently in charge of your debt. Your verification letter is a dispute letter that challenges the agency’s current debt collection. 

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