Take care of your skin to be confident.

Radiant facial skin clear, healthy look younger would induce confidence in living every day Although by nature the skin cells will deteriorate over time. causing the skin to sag and wrinkles occur Therefore, taking care of your skin health every day regularly and appropriately. It is a way to help protect the skin to be strong. and slowing down the deterioration of cells To maintain healthy skin

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Add skin food…simple Just balance your lifestyle.

healthy beautiful skin Sustainable style must be strong from the inside out. Can easily add food to the skin Every day by choosing to eat foods that are nutritious and contain vitamins and antioxidants. Which has a part to help nourish, repair and resist the degeneration of skin cells. including drinking enough water and exercising regularly

Plain water

Because the human body contains up to two-thirds of the water is an important component. Which contributes to the circulatory system, the heart to function normally and effectively Helps the skin to be soft, moist, not dry. The skin is bright, rosy and looks healthy. By drinking enough water each day. can be calculated easily from the formula for calculating the amount of drinking water suitable for body weight set by the World Health Organization

Amount of drinking water per day (C.C) = (body weight (KG) / 2 )X 2.2 X 30

1,000 C.C. = 1 liter (1 liter = 5 glasses approximately)

Fruits and vegetables

Rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are essential to the body. It also contains fiber that helps in the process of excreting waste from the body. Ready to nourish the skin to be clear can choose to eat a variety and on a daily basis


rich in vitamins and fatty acids that are essential to the body All are useful in helping to grow tissues. Add moisture to the skin cells. reduce inflammation of the skin

Dietary supplement An alternative to healthy skin from the inside out.

for convenience and respond to different lifestyles in each individual Choosing to maintain healthy skin in an amount that is sufficient for the needs of the body. with a variety of extracts from natural ingredients that are essential for the body for ease of consumption and absorption, utilized by the body

Rejuvenate your skin…Sleep Important things that should not be overlooked

Getting enough sleep At least 8 hours a day can help replenish the body’s efficiency in repairing worn parts, helping to restore healthy facial skin. By lying on your back as an appropriate sleeping position It is recommended to sleep in this position to prevent your face from touching the pillow. Reduces the chance of facial skin friction with pillowcases. which causes irritation or the occurrence of wrinkles

Paying attention to the temperature of the bedroom is not warm. Or too cold, including the light in the bedroom. Tranquility is a detail that should be paid attention to equally. Because it contributes to this relaxing sleep. able to sleep soundly through the night Including should maintain cleanliness in the bedroom to reduce dust accumulation. various pathogens which can be a cause of rash problems or skin disease

Choose to protect your skin from external pollution. ready to nourish inside

Every day, the face is faced with various distractions. Whether it’s heat, cosmetics, dust, pollution, ovulation process etc., care to keep the skin clean., etc., care to keep the skin clean. Therefore it is necessary Because facial skin is delicate, care must be taken gently. Including nourishing, choosing to strengthen with specific products for the face. To add moisture to the skin and protect the skin from external pollution.

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